Chemical Waste Disposal Services

Chemical Waste Disposal ServicesChem Clear Limited provides a nationwide chemical waste collection and disposal service to ensure your organisation complies with all current Health & Safety and Environmental regulations.

Based in the North of England, Chem Clear can collect your chemical waste from any part of England, Wales or Scotland before safely storing and disposing of them.

Disposal of Chemical Waste Containers

chemwasteAs a user of Hazardous Materials you have a legal obligation to ensure you store, monitor and dispose of all Hazardous materials in a correct and auditable manner.


As a fully licensed provider of chemical waste disposal services you will have peace of mind and all the necessary statutory documentation to fulfill your environmental obligations – ensuring that you are in full compliance with UK law and not at risk of expensive fines.

Chem Clear can also provide current, professional advice on the safe management of chemical waste within the boundaries of your site.

Chemical Waste Disposal ServicesWhy Use Chem Clear For Your Chemical Waste Disposal?

  • Fully licenced and insured to remove, store and dispose of chemical waste
  • Professional advice on chemical waste management
  • Compliant with UK chemical waste regulations so you do not risk fines and penalties
  • Cost effective solution in comparison to major waste companies
  • Exceptional customer service

Chem Clear will safely dispose of a wide range of chemicals that are covered under UK COSHH legislation. Many organisations are unaware of the materials that must now be disposed of under licence to avoid incurring fines.

Chemical products have a defined shelf life and storing them after this time will incur a penalty fine. This can be anything up to £5000.